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General Information

Current Minecraft Version: 1.16.5
Official Server Address:
Official Beta Server Address:
Beta SERVER is only available when a Beta is uploaded to curseforge AND is a newer version than the release version.
Download Link: Curseforge

Changes in this pack from the default All the Mods 6 (ATM6)

Ice and Fire Mod
Reverted to ATM6 default since the spawning has been fixed. Miscellaneous settings

  • /home fixed
  • /tpa fixed

Pack Contents

Base pack is ATM 6 and all of it's mods Removed Mods from base pack:

  • no mods have been removed

Mods added to base pack:

  • Crafting Station

Version history

Below reflects only the version changes of our modifications to the pack, not the modifications and changes done by the ATM team. Version numbers are ATM versions, Release numbers (R#) are our released versions


  • BETA release - see beta page


  • Added DiscordIntegration



  • Tetra - crash on start (forge version incompatibility)
  • mGui - Tetra library, no longer needed


  • Crafting Station

1.5.2 R1

  • Config changes

1.5.2 R0


  • Tetra
  • mGui


The ATM packs are created by the ATM team, and all credit goes to their respective creators/modders. We at Gamer Haven are only "modifying" their "original" pack to suit our needs.